Thursday, December 4, 2014

We work for Sustainable Devlopment through Nature work

We work for Enhancing beekeeping in the Maharashtra by provide Knowledge about beekeeping, Training, Giving assistance in setup for apiculture. We also provide all the required equipment and bee hive.

We provide pollination service for Onion seeds plantation. (min 500 Bee boxes)
We work all India level. we have our own Apiary
we are also working for training and awareness of bee conservation.
if you have any pollination requirement pls contact us 9422770869

We provide A-Z knowledge of Beekeeping
Welcome to Hirval Foundation!
Hirval Foundation offers a wide variety of Beekeeping Equipment and Bee hives in Nashik:
  • Bee box (Apis melifera with shallow super)
  • Bee Box (Apis cerana with super)
  • Bee box (trigona sps.)
  • Bee Box ( Nuclius Apis melifera)
  • Bee Box (Nuclius Apis cerana)
  • Honey Extractor S. steel (Apis Cerana)
  • Honey Extractor S. steel (APis melifera)
  • Bee Hive Coloney (Apis Cerana)
  • Bee Hive Coloney (Apis Melifera)
  • Comb foundation mill for Apis melifera
  • Comb foundation sheet Apis cerana
  • Comb foundation sheet Apis melifera
  • Hive tools (2 piece set)
  • Bee suit complete (overall)
  • Bee brush
  • Pollen trapper (Apis melifera)
  • Pollen trapper (Apis cerana)
  • Queen cage
  • Sugar Syrup feeder
  • Frame holder
  • Queen cell protector
  • Bee vail (Net Cap)
  • Gloves
  • Smoker
  • Larva grafting needle
  • Uncapping Knife
  • Queen excluder
  • Frame gripper
  • Bee specimen (Apis cerana worker 50)
  • Bee specimen (Apis melifera worker 50)
  • Bee specimen (Apis cerana Drone 5)
  • Bee specimen (Apis melifera Drone 5)
  • Bee specimen (life cycle)
  • Beekeeping Poster (set of 5, 12 X 18" with frame)
  • Deeping Rod (wooden) Apis melifera
  • Deeping Rod (S. Steel) Apis melifera
  • Queen rearing kit
  • Gum boots
  • Mounting Stand (Apis melifera)
  • Mounting Stand (Aps cerana)
The most important for agriculture for pollination benefits we offer Bee boxes you will find them all in our catalog.
Call us on 8275776884 vishnu

Reg. Office : 10, Ram Nagar, Meharun, Jalgaon -425001 (M.S) India.
Corpt. Office : F9, Build 17, Ganadhish Apprt, Narshiha Nagar, Gangapur Road, Nashik 422013, Nashik, India
Phone: 8275776884, 9604092297, 9766296331

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